Janet Evra and Randy Brecker Set for Rare Joint Live Performance at Northwest Jazz Festival

Jazz Master and Rising Star Appear Together Saturday, August 26

The Northwest Jazz Festival in Lewiston, NY is gearing up for a captivating showcase of acclaimed jazz artists on its Main Stage the weekend of August 25th and 26th. One such showcase is a unique coming together of two amazing talents: Janet Evra, an international jazz vocalist and bassist, and trumpeter Randy Brecker, a 7-time Grammy winner.

Janet Evra’s journey spans continents, from her origins in England to her current home in St. Louis, Missouri. Evra’s global adventure mirrors the essence of her music—a blend of influences from all corners of the world that culminate in something beautiful. Evra’s journey embodies the global spirit of jazz, blending cultures and voices from her time in Europe to her affinity for French and Bossa Nova music.

Evra’s musical path has graced some of the most renowned jazz festivals worldwide. From the Deva Jazz Festival in Romania to Finland’s Linna Jazz Festival, from the historic Brecon Jazz Festival in Wales to stages in Switzerland and Sweden, Evra’s acclaim resonates far beyond borders, demonstrating her universal appeal and extraordinary talent.

Collaborations with prolific jazz artists and Grammy-winning jazz stars enrich Janet Evra’s musical journey. Her path has intersected with figures like Randy Brecker, Taylor Eigsti, Wycliffe Gordon, Andrea Motis, and Jeff Coffin.

Starting with her debut album “Ask Her to Dance” in 2018, through the dynamic “Janet Evra & Ptah Williams: New Friends, Old Favorites,” and the boundary-pushing “Hello Indie Bossa,” her music consistently showcases her signature style of captivating vocals and stellar bass performing. Her latest single “Almost True,” featuring Randy Brecker on trumpet, adds to her musical repertoire loved by audiences globally.

Janet Evra’s music and creativity have won her recognition, especially in the U.S.  Her stint as a 2019-2020 Artist in Residence at the Kranzberg Arts Foundation in St. Louis underscores her artistic significance. Notably, she secured a Jazz Road tour grant for her 2021 “Ask Her to Dance” USA tour, affirming her influence and contributions to the jazz community. Many in the JazzBuffalo Community will remember Evra’s outstanding concert at Seneca One in October of 2021.

Photo by Jack Zuff: Janet Evra at Seneca One in October 2021

Evra’s influence extends beyond live performances, resonating in publications like The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Riverfront Times, St. Louis Magazine, JAZZIZ, and All About Jazz. Including favorable reviews in Downbeat MagazineHer music finds its way onto radio stations internationally in St. Louis, the USA, the UK, France, India, and New Zealand.

The forthcoming performance featuring Janet Evra and 7-time Grammy winner Randy Brecker at the Northwest Jazz Festival is poised to be truly special. Oftentimes, such special collaborations are relegated to the studio only.  Rarely in a live performance.  A jazz master and a rising star putting on display a musical bond that is magical, in a live performance, is one that is certainly not to be missed!

The FREE concert takes place at the Northwest Jazz Festival in Lewiston, NY on Saturday, August 26 at 3:45 pm on the Main Stage.

For more information on the Northwest Jazz Festival in Lewiston, NY, visit this link: https://www.lewistonjazz.com/

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