ART OF JAZZ: Anaïs Reno Joins the Ranks of Rising Jazz Vocalist Stars

Witness the Emergence of a Jazz Sensation at the Art of Jazz Series on Friday, November 10th

In the ever-evolving world of jazz, a new class of vocalists is emerging, each with their own unique style and artistry. Among these rising stars, Anaïs Reno shines brightly, and her presence in this burgeoning class is nothing short of remarkable. Just like Veronica Swift, Jazzmeia Horn, and Samara Joy, who emerged in the past five years, Anaïs Reno is making her mark on the jazz scene.

If you haven’t experienced her live in concert, here’s why you should catch her at the inaugural return of the Art of Jazz Series on Friday, November 10 at 7 pm. She will be part of a special presentation titled Gary Smulyan, “Tadd’s All, Folks” featuring Anaïs Reno. A program focused on the music of the legendary composer, Tadd Dameron.

Anaïs Reno possesses an extraordinary vocal talent that sets her apart in the jazz world. Her voice is not just rich, but soulful and evocative in a way that transcends her years. It’s a voice that leaves audiences awestruck. Anaïs Reno’s youthful brilliance is a testament to the new energy and innovation she brings to the jazz scene. Despite her age, she demonstrates a level of maturity and depth in her music that is astonishing. Her performances breathe fresh life into classic standards while showcasing her remarkable interpretation and artistry.

Listen to Anaïs Reno and her incredible rendition of “Sophisticated Lady”

Just as we saw with earlier JazzBuffalo concerts featuring Veronica Swift and Samara Joy, seeing Anaïs Reno’s performance in the upcoming Art Of Jazz Series concert offers you the chance to say, “I saw her when…” as she continues her upward musical journey.

The Gary Smulyan, Tadd’s All, Folks” program is not only about enjoying a night of exceptional music; it’s about witnessing the emergence of a jazz vocalist who is joining the ranks of rising stars alongside the likes of Veronica Swift and Samara Joy that we have been fortunate to see as they were ascending.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to experience Anaïs Reno live in concert in the newly refurbished Buffalo AKG Art Museum auditorium. It’s a chance to be part of something special and to witness the rise of a remarkable talent. Anaïs Reno represents a vital part of a new wave of jazz vocalists who are redefining the genre, and catching her in this concert offers you an exciting chance to see her on the rise. Don’t miss out!

One of only two appearances performing from the “Tadd’s All, Folks” project

For a truly incredible evening not only featuring Anaïs Reno but also the award-winning all-star gathering of Gary Smulyan, baritone sax, Pete Malinverni, piano, Ugonna Ukegwo, bass, and Matt Wilson drums, get your season pass to the Art of Jazz Series and tickets for this special show. This show will be a rare live performance presentation of one of the most acclaimed studio projects of 2022.

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