A Memorable Night of Celebrating the Coltrane Family Legacy

Ravi Coltrane Delivers Powerful Performance Honoring His Father

The Coltrane Celebration concert, featuring a significant focus on Ravi Coltrane, son of the late jazz legend John Coltrane, was nothing short of a great night of jazz in Buffalo. Held at Rockwell Hall PAC on the campus of Buffalo State University and co-presented by the Pappy Martin Legacy Jazz Collective and the Burchfield Penney Art Center, this event paid a heartfelt tribute to the iconic John Coltrane while showcasing the remarkable skills of his son, Ravi.

Ravi Coltrane, following in the footsteps of his legendary father, displayed a level of artistry that was deeply moving. His saxophone virtuosity paid homage to John Coltrane’s legacy while putting on display his unique voice. The audience responded to Ravi’s performance with almost religious fervor due to his profound connection to the music of John Coltrane.

Curtis Lundy’s bass work formed the center of gravity for the evening. His rich basslines added the harmonious space that enabled Ravi Coltrane to shine. It was a special treat to witness the audience-entrancing talent of drummer Jonathan Blake. Blake’s drum solos were a highlight of the evening, showcasing his remarkable talent where if you looked off to the right, you could see Ravi Coltrane watching in awe. George Caldwell’s piano artistry added a layer of elegance to the performance.

The ensemble led the audience on a musical journey through John Coltrane’s catalog, revisiting classics immediately recognizable to the audience. Each song was a nod to the genius of John Coltrane while allowing Ravi Coltrane to put his own interpretive spin on the music. It is a wonder to see a son play in reverence to the father. Knowing the weight that undoubtedly carries.

The Coltrane Celebration concert was a night to remember, filled with moments of pure musical magic. A night five-plus years in the making according to Dawn Berry Walker of Pappy Martin Legacy Jazz Collective. And, no doubt a high point in the annual Coltrane Birthday Celebration due to the significance of the Coltrane family legacy.

When the performance ended, it was clear that what was witnessed was more than just a concert; it was a celebration of the power of Coltrane’s music and legacy. The legacy of John Coltrane lives on through the remarkable talents of Ravi Coltrane and his embracing the legendary stature of his father.

3 thoughts on “A Memorable Night of Celebrating the Coltrane Family Legacy

  1. Yes it was a superb show. The performers were awesome. But there are levels and levels and I would say that nobody on stage could pass as a musical equal to the real John Coltrane or McCoy Tyner. I imagine they would all privately admit this; their sincere love for the music was as obvious as their formidable skill. Of course free videos of the actual Coltrane and Tyner available on YouTube will more than back me up, to say nothing of the trove of recordings you have to pay for. Still, the Rockwell Hall event made for a treasurable night, well worth the hefty ticket price. I wish the enthusiastic audience, which only filled about half the hall, had been large enough to take all all 900+ seats.

  2. I have attended every John Coltrane Birthday Concert presented by The Pappy Martin Collective; all have been outstanding. In my opinion, this concert was perfect in every way. Or, as one of my friends describe it as flawless. Any deep-dive into Ravi Coltrane career knowns he seldom, if ever, plays his father’s music. Buffalo got a rare and special treat. One line in the JazzBuffalo review sums up the program: “Each song was a nod to the genius of John Coltrane while allowing Ravi Coltrane to put his own interpretive spin on the music.” WOW, what a night of superb music all for the price of an appetizer and glass of wine at a fine dining establishment.

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