The 2023-2024 Art of Jazz Series Will Bridge Studio Mastery With Exciting Live Performances

Art of Jazz Series Aims to Resurrect Studio Brilliance on the Live Stage

Jazz, a music genre known for its improvisation and creative freedom, has long been a medium for musicians to push the boundaries of their artistry. In the world of jazz, albums are more than just collections of songs; they are sonic canvases where musicians paint with notes, rhythms, and emotions. It is no wonder that the transition from studio recordings to live performances is a fascinating journey, and the upcoming 2023-2024 Art of Jazz Series seeks to bridge these two worlds, bringing award-winning studio concepts and albums to the live stage.

The studio is where artists can craft their musical visions meticulously. The luxury of multiple takes, post-production editing, and sound engineering allows musicians to experiment and refine their compositions. In the jazz realm, artists have created masterpieces that have become timeless classics. Iconic albums like Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” and John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme,” are two prime examples of the studio’s capacity to capture the essence of a moment and etch it into history.

Gary Smulyan will feature Anaïs Reno, Pete Malinverni, Matt Wilson, and substituting for David Wong will be bassist extraordinaire Ugonna Ukegwo on Friday, November 10

On the other hand, live jazz performances are electrifying experiences that pulse with immediacy and unexpected twists. Musicians feed off the energy of the audience, and the communication between the performers creates spontaneous moments of brilliance. In a live setting, jazz can take unexpected turns, with improvisation leading the way. It’s a dynamic exchange of creativity, emotion, and expertise.

The Art of Jazz Series serves as a bridge between these two worlds, seeking to capture the studio magic and present it on the live stage. The 2023-2024 Art of Jazz Series will present four artistic studio endeavors and ensembles for rare live performances before an audience.

Diego Rivera will be accompanied by Art Hirahara, Boris Kozlov, Rudy Royston, and Etienne Charles on Sunday, February 4

The Art of Jazz Series will feature studio jazz albums and ensembles that made recent indelible marks in the recording world. Gary Smulyan’s marvelous tribute to Tadd Dameron “Tadd’s All, Folks” featuring Anaïs Reno, Diego Rivera’s masterful trilogy of albums “Indigenous,” Mestizo,” and “Love and Peace,” Dan Wilson’s profound tribute to the loss of friends and family (including Joey DeFrancesco) “Things Eternal,” and Rodney Whitaker’s presentation of the music of composer Gregg Hill “Oasis” are set to make the transition from the studio to a live performance on the stage of the auditorium at the Buffalo AKG Art Museum.

Assembling the musicians on the studio recordings and reimagining these albums for the live stage is no small feat. The award-winning musicians will come together, each setting their own busy performance schedules aside, to recreate these albums in rare live performances. The aim is not to replicate the studio recording exactly but to capture the essence of the album’s original vision while allowing room for live improvisation.

Dan Wilson will be bringing his full “Things Eternal” studio ensemble of quartet plus 3 vocals to the live stage on Sunday, March 10.

For jazz enthusiasts and loyalists, attending an Art of Jazz Series performance in 2023-2024 will provide a chance to revisit the genius of these instant classic albums in a new, upgraded setting at the Buffalo AKG Art Museum auditorium. The audience will get to witness the intricacies of studio compositions brought to life in real time, revealing the skill and artistry of the musicians involved.

By bringing studio concepts to the live stage, the 2023-2024 Art of Jazz Series season will aim to open new possibilities for jazz artists to share their creative visions and for audiences to engage in one-of-a-kind unique experiences. Enabling audiences to witness the reunion of stellar jazz musicians and artists coming together to recreate the magic of the studio before a live audience.

The award-winning Rodney Whitaker brings every member of the all-star ensemble from the “Oasis: The Music of Gregg Hill” studio project and album on Friday, April 12.

In the world of jazz, where improvisation and innovation are the lifeblood, the 2023-2024 Art of Jazz Series season represents a captivating journey into the magical world of recreating studio mastery on the live stage. Memorable memories for both the jazz musicians and the audiences will be shaped and etched into the history of the series.

The four 2023-2024 Art of Jazz Series concerts are scheduled as follows:

Friday, November 10: Gary Smulyan: “Tadd’s All, Folks” featuring Anaïs Reno

Sunday, February 4: Diego Rivera: “Bridges”

Sunday, March 10: Dan Wilson: “Things Eternal”

Friday, April 12: Rodney Whitaker: “Oasis: The Music of Gregg Hill”

To ensure you don’t miss out on the incredible season ahead, we encourage you to secure a full-season subscription. This encouragement is due to the fewer seats available in the Buffalo AKG auditorium compared to the Kleinhans Music Hall – Mary Seaton Room, where the series was held for the last three years.

Join us for a 2023-2024 Art of Jazz Series season filled with exceptional performances that showcase brilliant studio artistry on the live stage.


Please visit the Art of Jazz 2023-2024 Season to purchase your subscription and tickets soon!

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