The Art of Jazz Series Makes a Triumphant Homecoming at the Buffalo AKG

Studio Brilliance of Acclaimed “Tadd’s All, Folks” Album Comes to the Live Stage

The Art of Jazz Series made a dazzling return to the Buffalo AKG Art Museum after a four-year break, treating the audience to the captivating tunes of the celebrated album, “Gary Smulyan Tadd’s All Folks.” The night wasn’t just a showcase of jazz excellence; it was also a warm welcome back for the jazz piano maestro, Pete Malinverni.

Led by the 6-time Grammy®️ winning bari saxophonist Gary Smulyan, the performance, featuring a stellar ensemble including Ugonna Ukegwo and Matt Wilson, brought the masterful arrangements and exquisite lyrics of the celebrated album to life. The upgraded auditorium of the Buffalo AKG provided an ideal setting, showcasing the quintet’s musical artistry with superlative acoustics.

Standing out in this magical evening was the exceptional vocal performance by Anaïs Reno, whose delivery of the lyrics hinted at a promising future as a jazz star. Her renditions introduced a new layer of lyrics to lesser-known Tadd Dameron tunes, entrancing the audience and leaving a memorable impression.

The full auditorium buzzed with excitement and happiness. The return to the AKG wasn’t just a concert; it felt like a reunion of jazz enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the series’ homecoming. The joy and satisfaction on the faces of the audience spoke volumes.

As the final notes floated throughout the auditorium, it became clear that the Art of Jazz Series had not only returned but had made a resounding homecoming. The AKG’s stage came alive with the studio’s mastery of an exceptional project and album. The series promises a season filled with three more concerts bringing studio mastery to the live stage.

For jazz music lovers, the return of the Art of Jazz Series to the Buffalo AKG is a cause for celebration, signaling the revival of a beloved tradition. The thunderous applause, standing ovations, and cheers echoed the sentiments of a community overjoyed by the series’ return to the inspiring newly transformed Buffalo AKG and witnessing jazz brilliance.

A triumphant return is made possible by numerous people. Many thanks to Stephanie Keating Miller, Andrew Mayer, Michelle Merlo, and Jillian Jones from the Buffalo AKG for their tremendous support. The JazzBuffalo team, consisting of Mark Percy, Ed Croft, Devin Kelly, Dave Sipos, and Madeline Lofaso, played a crucial role in ensuring an exceptional concert experience.

We hope you will join us for the entire season of outstanding concerts to remember. Enjoy the fabulous photo gallery by our JazzBuffalo contributing photographer, Jack Zuff:

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