Anaïs Reno Takes Leaps Forward Announcing New Live Album

Anaïs Reno Appears at EFG London Jazz Festival

For many in the JazzBuffalo Community, Anais Reno’s appearance at the amazing Art of Jazz Series opening concert on November 10, Gary Smulyan: “Tadd’s All, Folks,” marked their first encounter with the rising star vocalist. Despite being only nineteen, Reno displayed a level of vocal maturity that belied her youth. Unveiling to the audience, at the esteemed series, the lyrical beauty of Tadd Dameron’s obscure songs.

Anaïs Reno at Art of Jazz Series November 10 – photo by Jack Zuff

As the evening drew to a close, Anaïs Reno’s vocals and the accompanying music became a cherished memory for the audience.

Anaïs Reno’s journey is poised for a significant leap forward. Announced on Sunday, November 19 is the release of a brand new single and a forthcoming album. Reno is set to unveil Anaïs Reno Live At Pizza Express Live in London on PX Records. This album showcases Reno’s renditions of reimagined jazz standards, including ‘Yardbird Suite,’ ‘The Girl From Ipanema,’ “Lover Man,’ and ‘Just Squeeze Me.’

New album cover – front and back. The complete track listing at the end of the article.

Recorded live at London’s prestigious jazz club, Pizza Express, Reno is backed by a solid trio: Pete Malinverni on piano, Dave Green on bass, and Josh Morrison on drums. Her collaboration with Malinverni, her professor at Purchase University and an acclaimed jazz pianist, provides familiarity yet confident artistic freedom. The complete album is scheduled for release in February 2024,

For the album, Reno covers songs by Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, Irving Berlin, and Charlie Parker. The first single release takes an interesting departure from the standard American Songbook, featuring ‘As So It Goes’ by Billy Joel. Reno infuses it with an American Songbook ballad essence, allowing her vocals to shine remarkably.

And So It Goes; see the live video recording at the end of this article.

On Sunday, November 19, Anais Reno appeared at an evening performance at the EFG London Jazz Festival. She used the festival appearance as an occasion to perform songs from the forthcoming album. The festival includes prominent names in jazz, including fellow vocalist Samara Joy, who also hails from the Purchase University program.

Scheduled for release in February 2024, the album will be available on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify for pre-order. Reno is also actively working on another album featuring the acclaimed jazz guitarist Peter Bernstein, which is expected to be released by mid-2024.

Photo by Ed Datsun

It’s evident that 2024 will mark a pivotal year for Anais Reno’s ascent as one of today’s outstanding jazz vocalists.

(This is the live video recording of Anaïs Reno’s performance of ‘And So It Goes’ at the Pizza Express jazz club in London.)

The album track listing includes:

1. It’s De-Lovely

2. Just Squeeze me

3. Girl from Ipanema

4. Supper Time

5. Yardbird Suite

6. Lazy Afternoon

7. Pannonica

8. At Long Last Love

9. Lover Man

10. You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You

11. And So it Goes 

Link to Anaïs Reno website:

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