Nominate Your Favorites For The 9th Annual JazzBuffalo Poll

JazzBuffalo Community and Fans Can Nominate Their Favorites To Be In The 9th Annual JazzBuffalo Poll

The JazzBuffalo Readers and Fans Poll is an annual survey that celebrates the favorite musicians, contributors, and supporters of the year. Now in its 9th year, this poll serves as a significant platform for acknowledging the talented individuals and groups in the jazz community who greatly contribute to its enrichment.

This initial phase of the survey invites the community to nominate their favorites across various categories. Afterward, the compiled poll will be published, and voting will begin in January. For jazz enthusiasts, audiences, and the JazzBuffalo Community, it’s an opportunity to reflect on and remember their favorite performances, musicians, and contributors from the past year.

Fun anticipation builds as both fans and musicians eagerly await the poll results. This annual recognition plays a vital role in acknowledging contributors to the jazz scene, highlighting emerging talents, and raising awareness about the remarkable talent within Greater Buffalo.

We encourage you to take a moment to nominate your favorites. Please note, this survey is for nominations only and not the actual JazzBuffalo Poll. Stay tuned for the 9th Annual JazzBuffalo Poll, opening for voting in early January.

Access the survey directly below or click on this link:

2023 JazzBuffalo Poll Nominations Survey

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