Diego Rivera To Premiere Exciting New Music At Art Of Jazz Series Performance

A Stellar Saxophonist, A New Album, and a Commissioned Masterpiece Await on February 4

The Art of Jazz Series is gearing up for a monumental night of musical brilliance as saxophonist extraordinaire Diego Rivera takes the stage on Sunday, February 4. With the anticipation of his upcoming album release and the premiere of a specially commissioned work by Chamber Music America, Rivera promises an extraordinary performance that will captivate the hearts of the jazz community in Buffalo.

Diego Rivera: The Maestro of Melody

Known for his muscular tone and distinctive fusion of traditional jazz with contemporary arrangements as well as incorporating folkloric rhythms from his Mexican-American heritage, Diego Rivera stands as a luminary figure in the world of jazz. The upcoming Art of Jazz Series concert will showcase Rivera’s unparalleled mastery of the saxophone, leaving an indelible mark on the jazz community in attendance.

Rivera’s All-Star Ensemble: A Harmonious Fusion

Joining Rivera on stage is his all-star recording ensemble, renowned on the Posi-Tone jazz music label. The lineup includes Art Hirahara on piano, Boris Koslov on bass, Rudy Royston on drums, and the extraordinary Etienne Charles on trumpet. This stellar combination promises an unforgettable musical experience, blending Rivera’s signature saxophone sound with the diverse talents of his esteemed bandmates.

“With Just A Word”: A Musical Testament

Rivera’s latest album, “With Just A Word,” set for release on February 2, is a testament to his talents as a musician and storyteller. Drenched in captivating melodies and mesmerizing improvisations, the album promises an engaging exploration of musical narratives. Each note is a chapter in Rivera’s dedication to crafting a unique and unparalleled musical experience. The Art of Jazz Series audience is in for a treat as they witness the live rendition of this captivating album.

Chamber Music America’s Commissioned Work: A World Premiere

Adding to the allure of the concert is the world premiere of a commissioned work by Chamber Music America, a prestigious acknowledgment of Rivera’s musical artistry. This exclusive performance will be a fusion of Rivera’s distinctive style with the innovative touch of a specially crafted composition, promising an exciting time of being the “first” to hear what will undoubtedly be a masterful jazz experience.

Diego Rivera’s Impactful Journey

Rivera’s journey in the world of jazz spans over two decades, marked by an impressive career as a musician, composer, arranger, and educator. Currently directing the Jazz Studies program at The University of Texas at Austin, Rivera’s performances have graced prestigious venues worldwide.

A Concert to Remember

As the lights dim and the first note resonates on February 4, the Art of Jazz Series audience will embark on a music adventure curated by Diego Rivera and his all-star ensemble. The stage will come alive with studio mastery, vibrant rhythms, poignant harmonies, and the soul-stirring magic of a maestro at the peak of his artistic journey.

Get Ready for a Musical Odyssey

For those seeking an unforgettable musical odyssey, Diego Rivera’s Art of Jazz Series performance is a must-attend event. Be prepared to be swept away by the evocative soundscape of “With Just A Word” and witness the debut of a commissioned masterpiece that cements Rivera’s legacy in the contemporary jazz landscape.

Get your tickets now and be part of a night that promises to be more than a concert – a journey into the heart of musical excellence as we bring studio mastery to the live stage. Diego Rivera and his exceptional ensemble await, ready to inspire and leave a lasting imprint on the Art of Jazz Series and its enthusiastic audience.

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