Special Presentation: “Ofrenda” with Saxophonist Diego Rivera at the ART OF JAZZ Series

Celebrate Cultural Heritage through Jazz

Awaiting Art of Jazz Series attendees is a soul-stirring musical journey as saxophonist Diego Rivera graces the stage at the Buffalo AKG Art Museum auditorium on Sunday, February 4th. Rivera, known for his exceptional ability to fuse his Mexican heritage with contemporary jazz, promises an afternoon of unforgettable melodies and cultural celebration.

At the core of Rivera’s upcoming performance lies the essence of the theme “Ofrenda,” deeply rooted in Mexican tradition. “Ofrenda,” which translates to “offering,” symbolizes a heartfelt tribute or gift presented with reverence to honor lost loved ones. Through his music, Rivera artfully intertwines elements of his cultural heritage, creating a captivating tapestry of sound that pays homage to his roots while embracing the universal language of jazz. “Ofrenda” serves as a poignant reminder to remember and celebrate all those we have lost.

Through the special presentation of “Ofrenda,” you will be moved by Rivera’s enchanting melodies, intricate rhythms, and passionate improvisations as he bridges the gap between ancestral traditions and contemporary jazz. This extraordinary concert promises a captivating experience that transcends music, offering a unique blend of cultural heritage and artistic expression as well as reverence for loved ones.

Rivera will debut his most recent album scheduled for release on February 2nd, ‘With Just A Word,’ along with a commissioned music work by the Chamber Music of America. The audience at the Buffalo Art of Jazz Series will be the first in the nation to hear both pieces performed live.

Joining Rivera will be an all-star ensemble featuring Art Hirahara on piano, Boris Koslov on bass, Etienne Charles on trumpet, and Rudy Royston on drums.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this special event. Reserve your seat for the Art of Jazz Series concert on Sunday, February 4 at 2 pm at the Buffalo AKG Art Museum. Join us in celebrating the rich tapestry of Hispanic heritage and the transformative power of music.

For tickets and more information, visit: Art of Jazz – Diego Rivera Quintet




2 thoughts on “Special Presentation: “Ofrenda” with Saxophonist Diego Rivera at the ART OF JAZZ Series

  1. Splendid set by Diego Rivera’s Quintet. Thank you, Tony. I host several radio radio programs – JazzFlight on WQLN NPR (www.wqln.org) and Collector’s Choice on WETF (www.jazzradiowetf.org) and have promoted Art of Jazz at AKG for years but this afternoon was among the highlights and I will continue to air Diego’s music and Dan Wilson March 10) as well. Keep swinging. Rob
    Rob Hoff

    1. Hi Rob – many thanks for the kind words. And, thank you for spreading the word so the audience does not miss out on the marvelous jazz that is being created by the likes of Diego Rivera. It was truly a memorable concert in every way! Thanks for the support! Tony

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