Acclaimed Jazz Guitarist Dan Wilson To Present Inspirational ‘Things Eternal’ at Art of Jazz Series

Experience an Unforgettable Afternoon of Musical Brilliance

Prepare to witness the talents of guitarist and composer Dan Wilson as he takes the stage of the Art of Jazz Series on March 10. Wilson’s remarkable skills on the guitar and his ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical influences promise an afternoon of captivating performances that will leave audiences in awe.

In 2021, Dan Wilson released “Vessel of Wood and Earth,” a groundbreaking album that showcased his exceptional talents and the diversity of his repertoire. Tracks like “The Rhythm Section” and “The Reconstruction Beat” highlighted Wilson’s lightning-fast single-note flights and undeniable swing factor, marking him as a rising star in the jazz world. His impeccable picking technique, reminiscent of Pat Martino, was evident in tracks like “Who Shot John,” further solidifying his position as a talent to watch.

Following the success of “Vessel of Wood and Earth,” Wilson embarked on a new musical journey with his album “Things Eternal.” Co-produced by the legendary bassist Christian McBride, this album exemplifies Wilson’s wide-ranging musical tastes and unique interpretations of familiar tunes. From soulful renditions of Beatles’ classics like “Eleanor Rigby” to inventive takes on Sting’s “Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot,” Wilson showcases his ability to breathe new life into timeless compositions. Offering a curated song list based on hope and inspiration as well as honoring lost loved ones. His interpretation of “Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot” carries a gospel-tinged vibe, reflecting the depth of emotion and soulfulness in Wilson’s playing. The album was well-received by critics, jazz radio airplay, and audiences alike, earning it four and a half stars from Downbeat Magazine and recognition as one of Downbeat’s Best Albums of 2023.

Dan Wilson’s journey to musical excellence began long before his rise to prominence in the jazz world. In 2015, he caught the attention of industry luminaries as a finalist in the Wes Montgomery International Guitar Competition, where his George Benson–esque single-note flurries and deep blues feel set him apart from the competition. Since then, Wilson has collaborated with jazz legends, including being the guitarist for Grammy-Nominated projects by the late Joey DeFrancesco as well as performing with Christian McBride. (Dan Wilson begins his ‘Things Eternal’ album with a voicemail recording of the late Joey DeFrancesco.)

Wilson’s latest album, “Things Eternal,” also showcases his nod towards the iconic style of Brazilian vocal harmonizing groups, such as Sergio Mendes’ Brazil 66, by featuring three vocalists on selected tracks. This stylistic choice adds a dynamic layer to Wilson’s compositions, reminiscent of the lush vocal harmonies synonymous with groups such as Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66. Tracks like “Sticology” and “Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot” are elevated by the rich vocal arrangements, creating a captivating fusion of jazz quartet and vocal harmonies.

As Dan Wilson takes the stage at the Art of Jazz Series on March 10, audiences can expect to be taken on a musical journey like no other. With his unparalleled talent, diverse repertoire, and innovative approach to music, Wilson promises an afternoon of music that will resonate with audiences long after the final note has been played. Don’t miss your chance to experience the musical brilliance of Dan Wilson live in concert – it’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Dan Wilson’s upcoming performance at the Art of Jazz Series on March 10 at 2:00 pm at the Buffalo AKG Art Museum promises to be a musical experience that represents the very best of contemporary jazz. With his exceptional talent, diverse repertoire, and innovative approach to music, Wilson is set to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness a true guitar virtuoso in action – get your tickets now for an unforgettable afternoon of music with Dan Wilson.

For tickets, visit the Buffalo AKG Art Museum website at this link:

Dan Wilson: ‘Things Eternal’ – Sunday, March 10 – 2:00 pm – Art of Jazz Series – Buffalo AKG Art Museum

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