Commemorating the 100th Centennial of Jazz Icon Sarah Vaughan

Join Us on May 15th in Honoring the Legacy of “The Divine One” and Her Enduring Impact on Jazz

As we celebrate the 100th Centennial of Sarah Vaughan on Wednesday, March 27, 2024, it’s impossible not to marvel at the indelible mark she left on the world of jazz. From the moment she burst onto the scene in the mid-1940s, Vaughan’s mesmerizing voice captivated audiences and solidified her place among the greatest jazz singers of all time. Often hailed as “the voice of the angels,” Vaughan possessed a rare combination of operatic grandeur and down-to-earth humanity that set her apart from her contemporaries.

Born in Newark, New Jersey, on March 27, 1924, Vaughan’s musical journey began at a young age. Raised in the vibrant jazz and African-American music culture of New York, she honed her craft in church and quickly made a name for herself as a prodigious talent. Despite her immense vocal abilities, Vaughan struggled with shyness, a trait that belied her undeniable stage presence. With the support of her first husband and manager, George Treadwell, Vaughan overcame her insecurities and blossomed into a confident performer.

Sarah Vaughan, Jan. 22, 1960.

Sarah Vaughan, affectionately known as “Sassy,” earned her nickname during a recording session with the bebop saxophonist Lester Young. Impressed by her unique vocal style and confident demeanor, Young famously dubbed her “Sassy,” a moniker that would stick with her throughout her illustrious career.

Throughout her career, Vaughan collaborated with jazz luminaries like Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, and Billy Eckstine, earning acclaim and admiration from audiences and critics alike. Her tenure with Mercury Records in the 1950s solidified her status as a jazz icon, with Vaughan’s recordings becoming essential listening for fans around the world. From intimate trio sessions to swinging big band arrangements, Vaughan’s versatility and unmatched vocal prowess shone through in every performance.

In 1955, Vaughan released the landmark album “In The Land of Hi-Fi,” a masterpiece that showcased her audacious swing and profound musicality. Backed by a stellar ensemble of musicians, including John Malachi, Jimmy Jones, Richard Davis, and Roy Haynes, Vaughan delivered electrifying renditions of jazz standards with effortless grace and charm. The track “Shulie A Bop” proved to be one of her prominent signature songs throughout her multi-decade performing journey.

Sarah Vaughn sings ” Shulie A Bop”

As we reflect on Vaughan’s remarkable career and lasting impact on jazz, we invite you to join us on May 15th at 7:00 pm at Seneca One Auditorium for a special tribute concert featuring DeeAnn DiMeo in “Getting Sassy.” Experience the timeless allure of Vaughan’s music brought to life by DiMeo, the Nixon, Croft, Goretti Trio, and special guest Dave Schiavone.

Join us as we celebrate the enduring legacy of one of jazz’s most beloved voices. Tickets are sure to sell fast, so be sure to get yours soon and be part of this unforgettable celebration.

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Sarah Vaughn 100th Centennial Celebration “Getting Sassy” Featuring DeeAnn DiMeo

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