JazzBuffalo Presents 2024 Grammy-Winning “El arté Del Bolero” featuring Miquel Zenón and Luis Podermo

Bolero and Jazz Unite in a Night of Musical Brilliance and Beauty

Sunday, April 21, 7:30 pm

JazzBuffalo is pleased to present Grammy® Winners Miguel Zenón and Luis Podermo coming to the Canterbury Wood Performing Arts Center


Sunday, April 21, 2024, at 7:30 PM!

Prepare yourself for a sublime musical journey where the passionate, soulful melodies of traditional bolero merge harmoniously with the intricate world of jazz. This fusion becomes a match made in heaven and serves as a powerful medium for conveying the deepest emotions, be it emotional love, profound yearning, or the intricate complexities of romantic turmoil.

Renowned jazz artist and 11-time Grammy® Nominee Miguel Zenón, a recipient of prestigious Guggenheim and MacArthur Fellowships, presents his two albums dedicated to the cherished Latin American art form of bolero. He collaborates with and will appear with the virtuoso Venezuelan pianist, composer, arranger, and educator, Luis Perdomo, a Grammy® Nominated jazz artist based in New York, and a longtime partner in their musical endeavors.

At this year’s Grammy Awards, Volume 2 of this incredible music was awarded the 2024 Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album!

El arte Del Bolero, Vol. 1 received a 2022 Grammy® Nomination for “Best Latin Jazz Album”

Together, they embark on a musical expedition to reinterpret iconic and exquisite songs of bolero.  Including the beloved “Caballo Viejo” by the Venezuelan legend Simon Diaz and the poignant “Mucho Corazón” by Mexican songwriter Emma Elena Valdelamar.  In these exceptional albums “El Arte del Bolero, Vol. 1” and “El Arte del Bolero, Vol. 2,” these timeless melodies are meticulously deconstructed and artfully reassembled, often with unexpected twists and a departure from conventional musical timing.  “El Arte del Bolero, Vol. 1” received a 2022 Grammy® Nomination for “Best Latin Jazz Album.”  And, “El Arte del Bolero, Vol. 2” received a 2023 Grammy® Nomination for “Best Latin Jazz Album.”

Zenón and Podermo reinterpret six additional iconic bolero songs that continue the mastery from Vol. 1.  “El Arte del Bolero, Vol. 2” received a 2024 Grammy® Award for “Best Latin Jazz Album.”

Zenón and Perdomo skillfully extract nuances from these classical traditional tunes, revealing hidden depths and intricacies that will transport attendees to an uncharted musical experience. Revel in the beauty of traditional folkloric music fused with jazz.

An evening of beauty in music not to be missed.

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