Miguel Zenón and Luis Perdomo: Jazz Meets The Magic Of Bolero

The Entrancing Beauty of Bolero

Bolero, a music genre deeply rooted in Latin American culture, evokes feelings of longing and nostalgia with its heartfelt ballads and Afro-Cuban rhythms. Originating in Eastern Cuba and later embraced across Latin America, boleros have become timeless classics adored by audiences worldwide.

Vol. 2 of the award-winning project

Renowned musicians Miguel Zenón and Luis Perdomo have skillfully merged bolero’s essence with jazz’s improvisational flair. Their album, “El Arte del Bolero,” earned widespread acclaim for offering an intimate and soul-stirring musical experience during challenging times. With the release of Vol. 2, they continue to captivate audiences with their universal language of passion and rhythm. Their Vol. 2 won the 2024 Grammy®️ Award for Best Latin Jazz Album.

Miguel Zenón accepts the 2024 Grammy®️ Award for Best Latin Jazz Album

“Zenón and Perdomo breathed new life into classics by artists like Beny Moré, La Lupe, and Sylvia Rexach, showcasing the timeless passion and rhythm of bolero,” says Adrian Quesada, guitarist and songwriter of the Black Pumas, praising their artistry.

Their upcoming live performance, presented by JazzBuffalo on Sunday, April 21st at 7:30 pm, promises to be a magical evening where jazz enthusiasts and bolero lovers alike can immerse themselves in the mesmerizing blend of two musical worlds. Don’t miss this chance to experience the heartfelt melodies and evocative rhythms of bolero, reimagined by jazz virtuosos Miguel Zenón and Luis Perdomo.

Miguel Zenón and Luis Perdomo perform ” Paula C” from Vol. 2.

Get your tickets for this exciting event welcoming the 2024 Grammy®️ Award winners to the region below:

(Please note: If tickets remain, tickets will be $30 Cash Only at the door.)

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