Celebrating Sarah Vaughan and the Lasting Impact of ‘Swingin’ Easy’

Celebrate Sarah Vaughan’s Legacy and 100th Centennial on Wednesday, May 15th at 7 pm

Sarah Vaughan, known as “The Divine One” and affectionately as “Sassy,” remains a jazz icon with a musical journey that left a lasting impact on jazz. Swingin’ Easy is a shining example of her talent and impact among her many albums. Recorded in part in 1954 and 1957, the album was released in 1957. It showcases Vaughan at her best, delivering flawless performances highlighting her unique style.

“Swingin Easy” Album Cover

From the start, listeners are drawn into Vaughan’s world of smooth vocals and impeccable timing. Backed by a fabulous trio consisting of Jimmy Jones and Joe Malachi on piano, Richard Davis and Joe Benjamin on bass, and the great Roy Haynes on drums, Vaughan navigates through jazz standards and ballads, adding her touch to each song.

One standout track is her rendition of All of Me, where Vaughan’s soulful interpretation shines. Her ability to convey emotions in just a few minutes is extraordinary. She kicks off the album with what became a Vaughn signature with Shulie a Bop. The song showcases her unparalleled scatting abilities, swing, and sophistication.

“All of Me” featuring Sarah Vaughn

But what makes Swingin’ Easy special is the intimacy of Vaughan’s performances. Whether singing a tender ballad or swinging with gusto, Vaughan invites listeners into her world, where every note feels genuine. The album exemplifies her entrance to jazz and American Pop which garnered immediate notice and became ever-lasting.

As we celebrate Sarah Vaughan’s 100th birthday, there’s no better way to honor her legacy than by experiencing the likes of Swingin’ Easy live. On May 15th, the ‘Getting Sassy: Sarah Vaughan 100th Centennial Celebration featuring DeeAnn DiMeo’ will pay tribute to Vaughan’s greatness.

The concert presentation is set to happen at the Seneca One Auditorium on May 15th at 7 pm. This event promises an unforgettable tribute to one of jazz’s greatest voices. With vocalist DiMeo channeling Vaughan’s spirit and accompanied by the stellar Nixon, Croft, Goretti Trio, and special guest Dave Schiavone on saxophone, audiences can expect an evening filled with swinging rhythms and spectacular performances.

Special Sarah Vaughn 100th Centennial Event

Swingin’ Easy is a testament to Sarah Vaughan’s talent and artistry, showcasing her ability to touch hearts with her music. As we commemorate her 100th birthday in 2024, let’s continue to celebrate Vaughan’s legacy and the timeless beauty of her songs.

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