Celebrating the 7th Year of Scenic JazzBrunch Sundays at The Terrace at Delaware Park

Longest Running Sunday Jazz Brunch in the Region!

As the summer season arrives, the community eagerly awaits the return of JazzBrunch Sundays, hosted by JazzBuffalo on the outside terrace of The Terrace at Delaware Park. The lively brunch, now in its 7th year, has become the region’s longest-running Sunday jazz brunch, offering patrons a unique blend of a delicious brunch menu, live jazz music, and scenic beauty.

Overlooking the serene Hoyt Lake and the lush landscapes of Delaware Park, the terrace at The Terrace at Delaware Park provides the perfect setting for a leisurely Sunday brunch. Each week, jazz enthusiasts and casual listeners alike gather to enjoy an exquisite brunch experience accompanied by the soothing sounds of live jazz performances. The JazzBrunch Sundays have become a cornerstone of the community, fostering a vibrant social setting and a deep appreciation for jazz music at the iconic cultural landmark.

Adding to the event’s allure is the award-winning brunch menu and specialty drinks offered by The Terrace at Delaware Park. Guests can savor a variety of delicious dishes and refreshing beverages, which enhance the overall experience and make each Sunday brunch a memorable occasion.

The longevity of the popular jazz brunch is a testament to its significance to the community and the iconic cultural landmark of the Marcy Casino building. The Marcy Casino, with its rich history and stunning architecture, serves as a beautiful backdrop for the brunch, enhancing the overall experience for attendees. JazzBrunch Sundays have not only brought life and music to this historic venue but also reinforced its status as a cultural and social hub in Buffalo.

JazzBuffalo’s dedication to promoting jazz and creating community-centric events has made JazzBrunch Sundays a staple of community gatherings. The event has provided a platform for local jazz musicians to showcase their talents, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the jazz community in the region.

Jason Davidson, owner-operator of The Terrace at Delaware Park, shares his excitement about the ongoing partnership with JazzBuffalo: “We are thrilled to celebrate the 7th year of JazzBrunch Sundays outside on the terrace. Our collaboration with JazzBuffalo has made this event a beloved tradition. It’s a pleasure to see the community come together each week to enjoy great music, our award-winning brunch menu, specialty drinks, and the beautiful surroundings of Delaware Park.”

See Hot Club Express at JazzBrunch Sundays at the Terrace

In the summer of 2024, attendees can look forward to enjoying music by Doug Yeomans, Susan Kincaid, Joey Donahue, Hot Club Express, Donny Frauenhofer, Dave Hill, Simon Fletcher, and many others.

As we celebrate the 7th year of JazzBrunch Sundays, we reflect on the joy it has brought to the community. This ongoing tradition has enriched the cultural fabric of Buffalo, offering a delightful way to spend Sunday mornings to early afternoons in the company of friends, family, and great music.

Join us on the terrace at The Terrace at Delaware Park to experience the magic of JazzBrunch Sundays. Enjoy the breathtaking views, savor the delectable brunch menu, sip on specialty drinks, and let the music of talented jazz artists elevate your spirits. Here’s to many more years of music, community, and celebration!

For more details and to stay updated on upcoming performances, visit the JazzBuffalo website (https://jazzbuffalo.org/). Visit the Terrace at Delaware Park website (https://www.terracebuffalo.com/) or call 716-886-0089 to make reservations for JazzBrunch Sundays, which is each Sunday from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.

See you at the brunch!

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