JazzBuffalo is proud to support the evolving jazz talents in the Greater Buffalo Region.  Keeping jazz alive is more than a mantra.  We will be working hard to develop an opportunity for the next generation of jazz musicians to hone their craft and deliver outstanding performances to the community.

The orchestra will feature some of the area’s best jazz musicians in the age group of 21 years old to 45 years old.   The orchestra will explore the music of modern jazz ensemble orchestration from contemporary jazz composers and arrangers.  From the likes of John Beasley, Maria Schneider, Thad Jones, Village Vanguard Orchestra, and other contemporary jazz arrangers.  In addition, compose original jazz compositions with modern orchestral arrangements, as well as, conduct unique interpretation of modern popular standards.

The JBFO will also partner with public radio station WBFO to present jazz concert and education events jointly produced by JazzBuffalo and WBFO specifically to serve the Greater Buffalo Community.

The orchestra will occasionally invite national and local guest composers, arrangers, and jazz musicians to serve as mentors.  JazzBuffalo seeks the support of the community in fundraising and in attending JBFO concert and education events so that we may keep the art form of jazz alive!

Two of Greater Buffalo’s outstanding jazz musicians, composers, and arrangers will serve as founding Artistic Directors for the JBFO:



Tim Martin –  Lockport School District and Vice President, Jazz for NCMEA



Mark Marinaccio –  Lewiston Porter School District and Mark Marinaccio Music


Stay tuned for forthcoming details on this exciting future initiative that will help to keep jazz alive for the next generation!



Education is essential to keeping jazz alive and enriching the lives of the young.  It is the mission of JazzBuffalo to help provide several avenues for the young to experience  jazz music and to grow from these experiences.

The Jazz For The Next Generation Education Program will be designed to promote the development of young people in the underserved areas of the Greater Buffalo.  The youth development program will be about changing lives by helping low-income, at-risk youth in our community identify, cultivate and celebrate their gifts through music education and performance.  In addition, it will offer youth development programs to school districts that have had their music budgets severely cut and lack the ability to offer music programs to their students.

The program will use music to connect with students, provide them with high-quality music education, build them up to be active community members, and provide a program that helps to sustain their music education through high school. The program’s mission is to help keep participants in school, provide rewarding after-school music education, and provide a path for students to be contributing citizens.  The program will also foster being a stepping stone for pursuing music education at the collegiate level.

This effort will also include collaborating with existing programs that may be seeking additional assistance to further enhance their school and after-school educational programs.  JazzBuffalo will partner and provide assistance to the mission of the Buffalo Arts & Technology Center.  The Center’s mission is to keep students in underserved area in-school and to provide high-quality arts and technology education.

Your in-kind donation to support this program will help to enrich the Greater Buffalo community and provide a path for students from all walks of life to experience musical education.


The Future of Local Jazz Radio!

In today’s highly competitive digital world, jazz radio programming is moving to Hi-Definition Broadcast Channels, Internet Streaming, and Mobile Applications.  JazzBuffalo and WBFO team up to offer JazzWorks.  JazzBuffalo and WBFO will be working together to offer local jazz programming on JazzWorks in the future.

JazzWorks offers classic recordings by many of the legends of American jazz music, new music by emerging artists from all over the world and is presented by hosts who know the music and the artists. It is an entertaining, engaging tour of an American treasure, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This service is one-of-a-kind in the WNY and Southern Ontario areas and features localized information.

JazzWorks can be heard through HD radio on the WBFO HD-2 channel, online stream, and the WBFO iPhone app.

Listen directly via WNED/WBFO: WBFO/JazzWorks

Listen online here: JazzWorks For The Web

Listen via iPhone app:  Search “WBFO JazzWorks” and download app

Listen via Google Play app:  JazzWorks Public Radio App

Listen in the car: Turn to channel WBFO HD-2

Why JazzWorks?

Radio remains one of the most important means for sharing jazz music.  Accompanied by a human element that offers a guide to jazz music.  JazzBuffalo believes that local jazz radio provides essential support to the local jazz scene in the new digital world we live in today.

WBFO / JazzWorks is a 21st-century response by public radio stations nationwide to balance the community’s need for jazz programming with the community’s need for news and talk radio in an environment where funding remains challenging.

WBFO / JazzWorks fits as a natural extension of JazzBuffalo’s mission to build jazz awareness and appreciation.  While at the same time, connect and promote the entire Greater Buffalo jazz scene – on a local and national level.