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Thank you for your interest in generously supporting performances and education offered by JazzBuffalo to the Greater Buffalo Community.

JazzBuffalo has touched the lives of many in Greater Buffalo and helped build a spirit of community across the divides that continue to characterize life in and around Buffalo. We are grateful to all of you for making it possible for our growing organization to make a significant contribution to the future of Buffalo.

Your generous support will enable JazzBuffalo to bring high-quality and world-class jazz performances to Buffalo.  Additionally, through the JazzBuffalo Jazz For The Next Generation program, to bring music education to underserved children throughout the community.

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Note: Arts Services Initiatives is generously serving as our initial Fiscal Sponsor.  Making a donation is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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  3. Click on the PayPal "Add Special Instructions" field and type in "JazzBuffalo".  Fill out rest of PayPal form, click Donate Now, and you are done!

Tax-deductible donation letters will be generated by ASI - JazzBuffalo.  Thank you for your support!


  • Like free jazz, give freely any amount you feel you would like to give from $1 on up to help JazzBuffalo!

I Love Jazz

  • You love jazz and staying up to date with JazzBuffalo!

Jazz Is Great For Buffalo!

  • You want more world-class jazz performances like JazzBuffalo has presented in the past two years!

Keep JazzBuffalo Alive!

  • You have come to depend on JazzBuffalo as your #1 resource for all things jazz in Buffalo!

Keep Jazz Alive!

  • Keeping the art form of jazz alive is important to you and you want to see more programs for economically challenged children to be exposed to jazz and musical instruments!

I Believe In The Dream!

  • You believe in the dream that jazz is an essential part of the Greater Buffalo’s ability to bridge divides and to enrich the lives of those who make Greater Buffalo a great place to live!

JazzBuffalo (Greater Buffalo Jazz Society, Inc.) is a non-profit, exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) (pending status) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations to JazzBuffalo (Greater Buffalo Jazz Society, Inc.) serve to fund our education and performance programs in the community and are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.