Sponsor The JazzBuffalo Poll

JazzBuffalo is actively seeking proud sponsors of the annual JazzBuffalo Poll.  The annual poll gives the JazzBuffalo community of reader’s, audiences, and fans the ability to nominate and recognize jazz artists who reside in the Greater Buffalo area.   This popular annual JazzBuffalo Poll reached over 1600 voters in the 2015 JazzBuffalo Poll and is […]

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The Greater Buffalo Jazz Society is currently in early stage.  Founded by Tony Zambito in 2013 as a public non-profit organization to help keep jazz alive in the Greater Buffalo Community.  The purpose of the society is to enrich the community through jazz audience development, jazz education, jazz history, and jazz performance.   For more […]

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JazzFest Buffalo

The GBJS plans call for the production of mini-jazz festivals twice per year during the winter/spring season and the summer/fall season.  JazzFest Buffalo will consist of one-day or two-day events featuring local talent and surprise guest artists.  Stay tuned for more development of these plans. […]

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Jazz Happenings

JazzBuffalo eventually plans to provide a robust list of jazz performances through more efficient calendaring as JazzBuffalo evolves.  Future plans call for JazzBuffalo organized events in hosting venues.  In the interim, Jazz Happenings will be mentioned in postings or here on this page.     […]

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About JazzBuffalo

JazzBuffalo is the d.b.a. and brand name for the Greater Buffalo Jazz Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to building jazz awareness and jazz appreciation in the WNY area.  The mission of JazzBuffalo and the Greater Buffalo Jazz Society is to promote jazz and build audience appreciation for jazz through jazz news, performances, concerts, festivals, jazz series, […]

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