Jazz In Town: Jazz Appreciation Continues To Grow In WNY

As we enter the final week of jazz appreciation month, there is more jazz to make this month of April quite memorable.  The month culminates on April 30th with the […]

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Jazz In Town: Jazz Appreciation Month In Full Swing

April is jazz appreciation month.  A time to celebrate and appreciate the truly original American art form we call jazz.  This coming week will give us all plenty to appreciate […]

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Jazz In Town: Nietzsche’s Jazz Fest Kick Off Spring Of Jazz

Freidrich Nietzsche was once quoted as saying “without music, life would be a mistake.” Without question, for five days, there is no mistake that the music of jazz will be […]

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Jazz In Town: Experience The Best In Jazz

Jazz is not only music but a host of experiences of different textures.   The amount of jazz being offered in Greater Buffalo allows for many to experience jazz in a […]

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