Our Mission

JazzBuffalo is the d.b.a. and brand name for the Greater Buffalo Jazz Society, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to building jazz awareness and jazz appreciation in the WNY area.

The mission of JazzBuffalo and the Greater Buffalo Jazz Society is to promote jazz and build audience appreciation for jazz through jazz news, live performances, concerts, festivals, jazz series, event calendaring, ticketing, hosting internationally recognized jazz musicians, and jazz education.  In doing so, JazzBuffalo and the Greater Buffalo Jazz Society will serve to enrich the lives of the people living in the Greater Buffalo area and contribute to the arts and cultural community.

Founded in 2011, the purpose of JazzBuffalo and the Greater Buffalo Jazz Society is to enhance the recognized value of arts to the individual and society, to use music and events to bring people together and to help build a stronger, more vibrant community.  JazzBuffalo endeavors to make jazz available throughout Greater Buffalo, to audiences of all ages and incomes, to all neighborhoods, and to a variety of venues.

JazzBuffalo exists to help address the social, economic, and cultural goals of Greater Buffalo by:


Increase jazz awareness as an essential part of Buffalo’s cultural heritage and history


Representing Greater Buffalo’s diverse community of jazz musicians, audiences, venues


Contribute to Buffalo’s growing reputation as a cultural destination for arts and music innovation and creativity


Representing and supporting those engaged in the art and education of jazz


Enable jazz to serve as a uniting forum to create unity and improve community living


Serve as an organization that extends into supporting the broader Greater Buffalo arts community

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JazzBuffalo is currently accepting donations for our continued development as an open JazzBuffalo community serving musicians and audiences throughout WNY.  Your early stage contributions will be most appreciated!