Piano Jazz Mastery On Display At “Let It Be Free” Tribute To Cecil Taylor At CMC Jazz Festival

CMC Jazz Festival, JazzBuffalo

Piano jazz lovers who attended the “Let It Be Free”: A Tribute To Cecil Taylor event at the CMC Jazz Festival got four times the love they were looking for.  […]

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A Conversation With Walter Kemp, III: A Week-Long CMC Jazz Festival Returns

Walter Kemp, III, JazzBuffalo

Last year, the Historic Colored Musicians Club celebrated its 100th Anniversary.  Using the momentous occasion to produce their first week-long jazz festival.  Expanding from the weekend festival traditionally held at […]

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A JazzBuffalo Guide To Two Jazz Festivals And A Great Week Of Jazz!


For the second consecutive year, the Greater Buffalo Community will have the opportunity to enjoy jazz every day for a full week.  Thanks to the tremendous efforts of the Pappy […]

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Jazz In Town: Jazz Festival Week Continues In The Heart Of Buffalo!

Jazz Festival Week continues in the heart of Buffalo this week!  This weekend plan for an abundance of jazz that will be hard to beat anywhere! Highlights Pappy Martin Legacy […]

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Jazz In Town: Jazz Festivals In The Heart Of Buffalo!!

Jazz Festival Week in the heart of Buffalo begins this coming weekend starting on Sunday.  Gear up for a week-long fill of jazz.  Highlights Pappy Martin Legacy Masten Jazz Festival, […]

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Jazz In Town: The Big Easy And The West Coast Arrive

The Big Easy comes to Buffalo via New Orleans pianist Tom McDermott.  The Italian Heritage Festival finds a new location and it will include jazz with a couple of returning […]

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Week-long CMC Jazz Festival Beginning July 24th Is A Dream Come True

According to George Scott (President of the Colored Musicians Club), when the concept of the Colored Musicians Club Jazz Festival first originated approximately ten plus years ago, it was dreamed […]

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