10 Albums Released In 1959 That Changed Jazz Forever

The year 1959 began with news that shook the world. On January 2, 1959, the Soviet Union rocketed the Lunik 1 space capsule into the sky. Awakening a new conscious in the world that included dual aspects of the promise of space travel and an increase threat from the Cold War. The year 1959 also […]

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7 New Historical Jazz Collections That Will Make Great Holiday Gifts

With the advent of digital music streaming, it may seem the idea of jazz collections and box sets may not be as popular as in years past.  However, this may be a special year.  With some holiday gift jazz collections ideas for the discriminating jazz lover who will cherish such possessions. What makes these great […]

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Jazz In Town: Fall Jazz Begins!

Summer has officially ended.  And, what a summer of jazz it was!  Headliners of all types and great outdoor jazz events.  Now it is time jazz officially moves indoors for fall and winter.  Exciting jazz ahead this fall. Featured Event Jay Louis Dref and Joey Giambra in Concert Monday, October 1 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm […]

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JazzTracks Vol. 2: 7 John Coltrane Tracks To Listen To On His Birthday

John Coltrane

This year marks the 92nd birthday of John Coltrane.  A name that would undoubtedly be on any Mount Rushmore of jazz reverence.  In no particular order or ranking, here are 7 John Coltrane tracks that will get you in the mood of celebrating Coltrane.  Jazz music that never tires or is never dated. Blue Train The […]

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Gary Bartz Enthralls With A Joyous Performance At The John Coltrane Birthday Celebration

Gary Bartz

Gary Bartz has an easily recognizable profile.  Long flowing white hair, tall, and slim (in talking with him last night, I learned he still trains for marathons!).  At the age of 77, Bartz is every bit an elder statesman of jazz.  His association with pillars of jazz history includes Charles Mingus, McCoy Tyner, Max Roach, Abbey […]

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Rob Dixon Honors John Coltrane With Breathtaking Solos at John Coltrane Birthday Celebration

Rob Dixon

Rob Dixon entered the stage of the Burchfield Penney Art Center quietly.  However, his prescient understanding of the event, the 92nd Birthday Celebration of John Coltrane, led him to a place where his sax echoed the familiar sounds of Coltrane.  The sounds an audience of Coltrane admirers long for. The first notes of “Lonnie’s Lament”, […]

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Jazz Legend Gary Bartz Highlights John Coltrane Birthday Celebration

With the release this year of Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album, the archived recordings demonstrated the continued relevancy of John Coltrane.  His impact on jazz, 51 years after his death, remains forceful.  The 2017 release of the documentary Chasing Trane gave us a humanized view of Coltrane.  The film provided us with in-depth insight into […]

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Jazz In Town: 5 Featured Jazz Events To Take In This Week!

There is superb jazz, of all types and for every taste, available in Greater Buffalo this week.  Some prominent names make it to Buffalo at the John Coltrane Birthday Celebration and at more events!  (The wonderful John Coltrane illustration is by Stacey Robinson.) Featured Events John Coltrane Birthday Celebration 2018 Thursday, September 20 @ 6:30 […]

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“Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album” by John Coltrane Is Released June 29, 2018

John Coltrane, JazzBuffalo

When it first came to light that lost recordings of a session in March of 1963 had surfaced, John Coltrane jazz loyalists have waited with much anticipation and bated breath.   Now released on June 29, 2018, by Impulse Records and titled Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album. To many, Coltrane is revered as a mythological […]

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Jazz In Town: Celebrating Trane’s 91st Birthday!

The highlight of this week is the 91st Birthday Celebration of the late great jazz legend, John Coltrane.  Organized by the Pappy Martin Legacy Jazz Society and hosted by Burchfield Penney Museum, the 3-day festivities promises to be a special time.  (Get your glasses on – this edition of Jazz In Town is lengthy!) Highlight […]

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