3 Times Grammy Nominee Jane Bunnett And Maqueque To Appear In Buffalo August 10 and 11

Jane Bunnett and Maqueque , JazzBuffalo

JazzBuffalo, in association with Pausa Art House, presents 3-times Grammy Nominee Jane Bunnett and Maqueque for two shows! Jane Bunnett has won all the Canadian music awards that matter; she’s noted for creative integrity and improvisational daring; and she’s acclaimed for exploring Afro-Cuban melodies and championing the island-nation’s artists and rich musical heritage with her […]

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JazzBuffalo Review: Yosvany Terry Quintet Performance Expands Boundaries Of Jazz

For Yosvany Terry and his quintet, it is quite possible they have to confront a labeling issue often.  That is, when concert promoters and reviewers bring up his being born in Cuba, it is bound to conjure up images of very Cuban folkloric infused jazz.  Or, the quintet can be referred to as the latest […]

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JazzBuffalo Review: In The Heights Tells The Story Of Us

(Note: While not necessarily a jazz review, the story and the music has strong connections to Latin Jazz) For many of us in Buffalo, we are connected to the story of immigrants.  No matter the continent our ancestors may have come from, in one way or another we’ve heard, as well as, experienced the struggles […]

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