Bobby Previte’s Rhapsody Takes Audience On A Musical Journey

Rhapsody Cover

Simply stated, Bobby Previte’s Rhapsody is a listening experience. Meant to be about travel, this was a musical movement.  That began with accessible melodies, some turbulence, and then back to accessible melodies.  Unlike a concert, there is no stoppage between songs.  It is like a train ride from one city to another.  Continuous movement.  Looking […]

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Bobby Previte’s “Rhapsody” Set To Travel Through Sound

Bobby Previte, the prolific drummer and composer, makes a return visit to the Greater Buffalo area on Saturday, October 13.  Bringing to town, at the Burchfield Penney Art Center, his latest project called Rhapsody.   An ambitious acoustic work of art that stretches the concept of jazz and explores various directions into free improvisational, classical, and […]

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