Continue to Benefit from JazzBuffalo!

Since JazzBuffalo first began with its website publicizing jazz events throughout Greater Buffalo in 2014, performance and club venues have benefited from the increase in jazz awareness and promotion.  Generating increased revenues from the audience and attendance building efforts of JazzBuffalo.  JazzBuffalo continues to receive unique site visits in the hundreds each day and the newsletter e-mailing list has grown substantially.  Meaning venues are benefiting from uniquely targeted reach to a captive audience.

This level of promotion will continue as it is JazzBuffalo’s mission to build jazz awareness and appreciation throughout the community.  We are, going forward, seeking the support from the venues in the Greater Buffalo Community who benefit from the JazzBuffalo event calendaring, listings, and built-in promotion.

JazzBuffalo is seeking venues to support JazzBuffalo as follows:


To share JazzBuffalo listings of their events on Social Media


To organize JazzBuffalo Presents events that benefit the community


To establish a link to JazzBuffalo on their own websites


Support JazzBuffalo fundraising events


Give consideration to becoming a monetary sponsor to JazzBuffalo


To establish a policy whereby artists and performers agree to have their events listed on JazzBuffalo


Contribute in any way possible that further develop JazzBuffalo’s capabilities to serve the Greater Buffalo Community

Annual contributions, in the manner of the above, will help to ensure a high rate of return on the event calendaring and promotion that is part of JazzBuffalo’s purpose.

Venues can contact:

Tony Zambito, Executive Director